About Us

Mal’s Real Hair offers a solution for all who desire to purchase and use gorgeous looking healthy cuticle 100% natural real hair. We supply high quality Brazilian, Peruvian, Russian, Mongolian hair  made to machine weft or hand weft and coming soon Lace wigs which can be customised upon request. Our products are affordable and accessible, making beautiful hair available to everyone.

So it's not like other human hair weave from the retail hair stores or other stores where they sell human weave hair. Normal human hair you can NOT always treat it like normal hair and that's why it becomes uncontrollable hair.

 You can do anything with All Mal's Real hair products. You can colour it, make it straight with a blow dryer, swim with it, you name it, and you can do it! And the hair will keep its own natural soft texture and that's why you can use it several times